Info: Admissions Open for 2024 – 2025

Info: Admissions open for 2024 – 2025

Students Duties and Responsibilities

Students Duties & Responsibilities

  • The most important duty of the students in the school is to attend classes, labs, and seminars on time.
  • Students should always maintain proper dress code and stop making excuses for their actions.
  • Students need to take care of their belongings as well as the school property.
  • Students must interact carefully and respectfully with teachers, peers, and other members of the school.
  • Students are asked to utilize the available resources and seek the help of the teachers concerned when needed
  • Students are strictly encouraged to bring necessary food from home and not permitted to buy any kind of eatables from outside the school gate.
  • Students must attend the examination or any other form of test with utmost honesty.
  • Students are requested to be active participants when there is an opportunity to use.
  • Students are requested to follow the direction of the staff.
  • Students are always encouraged to support classmates in term of education and other co-curricular activities.