Info: Admissions Open for 2024 – 2025

Info: Admissions open for 2024 – 2025

General Guidelines for Parents/Guardians

General Guidelines

  • Parents need prior permission from the school to see their children or teachers during school hours.
  • Parents are requested to inform management, in case of any change in their address and phone numbers.
  • Parents are responsible for maintaining their children’s dress code with a proper hair cut & nail cut and making them attend class punctually.
  • Parents are urged to motivate and support their child at home
  • Parents should verify that the child has done the homework as per the schedule
  • Parents have to report to the teacher concerned with proper reason, if the child hasn’t completed the homework by the due date mentioned.
  • Parents should not encourage the child to take a mobile phone & any other valuable things to school. If the student is found with such things, it will be seized and a heavy fine will be imposed.
  • Parents are requested to communicate their complaints directly to the administration. Parents are asked to cooperate with the school in any situation
  • Parents are requested to submit a leave letter to the members concerned.
  • Parents should be present at the Parent-Teacher meeting whenever it is conducted