Info: Admissions Open for 2024 – 2025

Info: Admissions open for 2024 – 2025

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Subject knowledge along with practical skills & activity

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Excel in English Language & General Awareness Programme

Turito Neet

E-learning: JEE, Pre-Medical & State Engr. Entrance Test


Activities include Music, Karate, Silambam, Yoga, Sports

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Together we travel with your children’s aspire to reach, the courage to explore, nurture the knowledge, enhance the skills with a conscience. Our curriculum, co-curricular activities and extracurricular activities blend for the holistic development of students. All our plans, research, efforts, and actions are combined to a common goal which gives your students an all-round development in this twenty-first-century education. By following this goal, the school provides a safe, happy environment, where your child can be themselves, while acquiring the required knowledge.


After School


The concept of education is changing rapidly in this fast-paced world. To keep running in this kind of competitive education, the process of self-education is most important.

Physics Lab

Physics has always been in the internal part of life. For example, it is in the form of motion, power and energy.This subject can be learned theoretically in the classroom.

Chemistry Lab

The school knows that Chemistry is the study of matter and its interactions with other matter and energy. This subject will help one to experiment chemicals and discover something unknown.

Computer Lab

Technology plays a major role in twenty-first-century education. Computers are a great tool for this kind of education.The school is well equipped with modern computing facilities

After School


Music to explore a new genre with a trained professional.


Karate training to build self-confidence and self-defence.


Silambam to nurture the ancient martial art form of Tamilnadu.


Yoga to balance physical health and mental health.


Sports to promote the spirit of teamwork.


Academic Excellence

Top-notch Infrastructure

Sports & Co Curricular

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No,56th vellai pillayar kovil street,
Ariyalur District – 621804.


At Nowfal, post-school programs provide a widespread opportunity for students to spend some quality time to nurture talents based on their interest.  We embrace skills like music who were trained by professionals. These kinds of training or activities at the initial stage helps students to find their interested area and motivate them to improve their talent. Our students can develop their skills in the area of both vocal music and instrumental music irrespective of levels. Our management always stood with the students to achieve their dream. We have dedicated a couple of time blocks on Tuesday and Thursday for students to participate.

Schedule :
Tuesday & Thursday
(Evening 1 hour)


Nowfal is a lively space to learn and grow throughout their school life imparting education in a safe, secure, comfortable and like-minded atmosphere where students make the best use of the available facilities in a protective way. Apart from music, we have well known martial art Karate, which helps our students to build self-confidence and self-defence. Students undergo this training by professionals who have dedicated their time and effort to bring out the talent of our students. Nowfal has always strived hard to give the best platform in a safe environment. We have scheduled an hour of periods by the evening on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Schedule :
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
(Evening 1 hour)


Silambam is close to the heart of people in Tamil Nadu. Since this ancient martial art originated from this southern part of India. Our student’s can prefer his/her sport, based upon their interest. This  martial art is also performed using kambu (stick) made of bamboo.

It’s believed that, practising Silambam makes one clam and more focussed. Our professional trainers are providing individual training to the students in a safe environment. Initially, students are taught about the basics like improving balance, strength, speed, and follows other respective training.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday
(Evening 1 hour)


Our success depends upon the student sucess. Having said that, our school’s teaching staff and non-teaching staff put their utmost effort and interest in all-around development of our students in the curriculum, co-curricular activities and extracurricular activities.

 We always care about our student’s physical health and mental health. When Yoga can give these health to our children, we don’t hesitate to incorporate with our curriculum. It’s an essential part of student life as it brings the positive vibes in the classroom and beyond it. Our trainers with adequate skills will make a journey with children both interesting and fascinating.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday
(Evening 1 hour)


Nowfal is a place where students are given a widespread opportunity to develop the sportsman/sportswoman spirit, team spirit, cooperation, self-discipline and a spirit of general well-being through our physical education curriculum. Sports are the prime modules in physical education. Some children are born talented, they are naturally talented in various sports. This curriculum will help to identify them, develop their skills and bring up their talent in the spotlight. In addition to improving fitness or muscle strength or cardiovascular health, physical education not only stimulates the body of a student but also contributes to an active mind. These physical and mental benefits add more advantages. We have committed a couple of time blocks on Tuesday and Thursday for all students to participate at least in any one of the sports of his/her choice.

Schedule :
Tuesday & Thursday
(Evening 1 hour)